Services provided

To both the general public and professional artist -

  •  Domestic tuning & piano maintenance
  •  Voicing
  •  Piano regulation & repair
  •  Piano reconditioning
  •  Concert preparation work

At the Royal Northern College of Music

  • Responsibility for the tuning and maintenance of the piano stock and piano technical support to students, staff and visiting artists during masterclasses, performances and recordings.


Domestic tuning & piano maintenance

39 years (full time) of experience providing piano tuning and technical support for domestic customers and venues, and working with notable professional artists to provide musically appealing and stable instruments. Regular customers enjoy their instrument to the fullest as their pianos perform optimally - thus enabling the musician to enjoy the full potential of their instrument.


Manipulation of the sound by various techniques to give an even and more pleasing tone throughout. The tone of a specific piano can often be modified to meet customer preferences but specific areas of the keyboard span that have changed with extended use can be matched in to the piano tone as a whole. 

Piano regulation & repair

Dramatic improvements to the playability of  a piano can be achieved by regulation and adjustment to the piano keyboard and action. Even a relatively new piano is often able to be hugely improved by regulation to produce a more responsive touch. Irregularities with the adjustment of individual keys translates into a less predictable and controllable feel, which can in turn diminish the potential for musical accomplishment. Regular servicing is essential in order to produce the best results.

Piano reconditioning

Older pianos can often benefit from a partial or complete action rebuild. As a piano is used certain components wear out, which degrades the way the piano action performs. Often wear is more pronounced around the centre section of the keyboard which is typically more well used. Additionally damage by moth or atmospheric conditions can damage intricate parts of the piano action mechanism. Reconditioning works can attract a relatively high cost but can also enable instruments with historic, visual or sentimental value to continue to produce an enjoyable and musical experience.

Concert preparation work

Reliable and experienced concert technicians are an indispensable part of the support team essential for successful concerts and live events. Not all piano tuners are able, willing or have the technical skills necessary to undertake piano work at this highest level. This is an essential service for promoters of concerts wherever pianos take centre stage.
Preparing a piano for public performance requires much more of the technician than the obviously essential production of a good and stable tuning. Different performers have different requirements and the conscientious technician makes sure that everything possible is done so that each performer feels confident in the piano's ability to perform as they require it to and are therefore able to play without the piano being a barrier to their performance. So many pianists complain of having had to struggle and fight with concert pianos;  my objective is always to eradicate problems and to collaborate with each performer to fulfil their requirements as closely as is possible. Artist relations is a key part of the concert technician's role and is something which only comes with experience. 30 years of experience in offering concert preparation services for various venues and events of all genres, combined with excellent communication skills with the musicians I work with, including the necessary technical skills to take ownership and responsibility for every aspect of the piano's performance throughout recitals have all made me a popular choice for promoters across the UK.
I am willing to travel in order to undertake high level technical concert work - fees on application. References available.

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Ribble Valley International Piano Week
Programme for this exciting week long piano festival featuring stunning award-winning pianists held each July at Westholme Theatre, Westholme School, Meins Rd, Blackburn.